What is Intensity?

07 Jul

So, last Friday, I had a wake up call. For two months now, I have not been training at the intensity level I should have been training at. All this time, I thought that I had been busting my butt off. Well, I was wrong.

As always, I went to the squat rack, thinking I was going to add only 10 more pounds to the bar bell. Well, because I was so wrapped up into my music, I accidentally put 20 more pounds onto the bar bell. This showed me two things:

1.) I am more capable of what I thought I was. Though first thought to myself, “This 10 pounds sure is heavy,” I did it. Sure…I didn’t think I was going to come back up on the last rep, but I did (even if it took me about 10 seconds). It made me feel really good.

2.)All this time, I just been playing around in the gym. I felt like I had pretty much just wasted those 3 months.

Well, I guess the good news is that I have my form and technique down…so now that I am revving up my intensity levels, my form is like second nature to me (though I will ALWAYS keep form and technique in mind…it is very important). So, though I feel like a complete idiot, there are some good things that came out of these three months.

My next PR is to squat and deadlift my BW (I am on my way with the deadlifts…10 more pounds to go…I have ways to go with my squat). Once a month, the last week, I will post a video of me doing my heavy lifts.Next week will be the first set of videos. Hopefully we see some sort of progress 🙂

Just so you know, my training involves front/back squats,snatch grip/sumo deadlifts, pull ups, push ups, bench press and standing presses; two days of HITs and 2 days of riding bike. (I do two-a-days…and I train a total of 5 days…with the weekends OFF)


I am looking forward to getting stronger. I also am looking forward to showing people that women CAN be strong AND hot.

Oh, btw, I SO WANT TO GET STRONG WITH HANG POWER CLEANS! They look totally awesome! But, for now, I’m going to work on the simple suff! 🙂

Here’s some motivation for you:

That little woman can move some weight!

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