Patience Is A Virtue

14 Jul

Today, we have an “instant” of virtually everything. We have instant coffee. Drive-thrus. Microwavable meals.TV on demand. All the information you need right on the internet. The lists go on. Most things we want or want to know is very accessible and quick.

That’s a problem.

We’re so use to everything being so easy and handed to us. When it comes to training, we expect the same thing. We expect to get the results with one training session. I have this problem. I swear after session, I’m looking in the mirror to see my results. Do I see more muscles? Is my waist smaller? How much do I weigh now? Sometimes it gets me depressed. But there are a set a numbers that gets me through the week: my training numbers. All I have to do to see real progress is look in my training log. Did I manage to do another rep this week? Did I put more weight in the bar? Did I tweak my forms in my push ups? This right here is what motivates me to hit the weights the next week.

What else motivates me? My goals. My PR is to Squat and deadlift 200 lbs. I want to bench press 100lbs also. I will get there!

What else motivates me? These:

I mean, how AWESOME would it be to do these things?! I already feel cool doing what I do now…but I am looking forward to much, much more. I’m ready to be strong AND hot and to prove to the world you can be both.

But, I have to take it one day at a time. One session at a time. I have to be patience with myself. That’s key. Though there are a million ads screaming at me that this magical pill and diet can make me lose 60 pounds in 30 days, I have to stay focus. Though there are dozens of women running 6 hours a day everyday to lose pounds, I have to stay focus. Though there are plenty of people telling me lifting heavy is not they way to go, I WILL STAY FOCUS. Sure my progress may not be as fast as I would like it (especially compared to all these infomercials and friends) but at least I’m happy. At least this will be a long-term thing.

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