Long Time No Hear From

So, yeah, I know…it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here. Many times an idea for a post came to my head…but honestly, sheer laziness took over me. That’s all there is to it. But today…boredome has triumphed over laziness…so, here I am.

My training has come along pretty good. I remember complaining about my upper strength gains. It seemed every week, I was hitting a wall. I just couldn’t add more reps to my sets. It was frustrating. I really wanted to just say forget it and do some squats and deadlifts and be done with it. Well, finally, I did it! I broke through the walls! Not only broke through, but made steady gains! I’m so supper geeked. I’m sure I’ll hit a wall again, but I’m feeling pretty strong. I swear, number in strength training always keeps me going. I can bench 100lbs now…not my max…I’m not sure what my max is though.

Also, I can deadlift 185 lbs. I don’t know if this is my max, but I can do it 3 good times. My PR is to do 200lbs…so…almost there!

As far as nutrition…I definitely haven’t found my sweet spot. It’s so hard to stay on track. I do really good for 5 solid days…then the weekend, I’m caving in. Like today…I didn’t even want food. I wanted sweets. And I don’t know why because I’m not even that into sweets. I’m more into fried chicken. I had that. And I recognized when I was full and stopped. But…I cannot…stop eating…M&Ms! I don’t know why I even want them! It’s making me miserable. I suffer for 5 days…only to undo all the work. It’s like running in a circle. I guess I have to stop trying to change all my habits at once…and stop thinking about food so damn much…and fix one problem at a time. That’ll help me in the long run. But speaking of the long run…why does one day seem like a week? Every day that I count calories…or count points…or do intermittent fasting…it seems like fooooorrrreeeever.

And I also feel an eating disorder creeping up. One hour, I’m looking in the mirror and saying, cool I see progress. I feel comfortable in how I look. Then a couple of minutes later, I glance in the mirror again and I see some HUMONGOUS woman in the mirror. What is wrong with me?! And then I swear off food for the rest of my life, only to wake up the next morning wishing I could eat what I love. I know…it’s already probably a bad cycle. I’m thinking about binging and purging and all that bad stuff. I’m trying to stay strong…but sheesh…this is almost getting out of hand.

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Feeling Good, Feeling Great

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I hate cardio now. I use to be the queen of cardio…making sure I sweat at least 5 times a week. Now? I hate it. I rather throw some weight around 3 times a day than do cardio…unless it’s really intense for about 10 minutes. That’s it. Other than that, it’s boring, waste of time and meaningless. To me. And I won’t be consistent with more that than.

With that being said, today I did awesome with my high intensity, body circuits. It included 50 jumping jacks, 10 fast bodyweight squats, 5 push ups, 40 mountain climbers, 15 high knees and 5 burpees. And I gave it my all. I did 3 sets, with one and half minute rests between. I felt pretty good afterwards.

After about 3 hours or so, I hit the gym to do some pull ups. Up until now, I have been training for pull ups with the assistant machine. I really wanted to do pull ups for about 4 months now. Today…I said forget it…I’m going to just go for it and see what happens…without assistance. I DID ONE! Sure…I struggled a bit…desperately trying to pull my self all the way up…but I did it (I think that’s what matters, right?). How many other females you know say they can do a pull up? (Please say not that many) I could only do one though…so I had to do all my sets with a little more assistance. But I have definitely come a long way. I remember when I started doing strength training, I could only do one and a half push ups…wanting so bad to do be able to do 10 good ones. Now I do weighted push ups. I remember when I wanted so badly to do a pull up…now I can do one! Now, my next goal is to do a chin up. But you want to know what would be just AWESOME? To be able to climb a rope! One day….yes, one day…

Also, right now, I am working on my performance on the ab wheel. I seen Nia Shanks do it before, and she made it look sooooo easy. So I bought one, thinking I could do it, too. Uh…NOT! That crap is hard. So I want to be able to do it. I’ve gotten better…but not quite there yet. I’ll keep you posted on all my PRs 🙂

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Break from Training

So, today was definitely a needed break from training and dieting. For about two weeks, I stayed within my deficit and hitting my “clean food goals” (eating whole foods, eating daily servings of fruits and veggies etc.). Today my husband and I got our squat rack and bench set. It’s awesome! I can’t wait to start doing damage with that thing! 🙂 It was a long day. I couldn’t get everything I wanted to get done AND train. So, I didn’t beat myself up too bad about and enjoyed my day off. I also generously treated myself to some homemade cheesecake, fried chicken wings and french fries (using our new deep fryer, too!). I felt a bit guilty…which shouldn’t be the case because I lost an inch in my waist and am now pre-baby weight. But that guilt was still there. This is something I definitely need to work on…I don’t want this negative relationship with food. Yes, food is to nourish our bodies…but I also is for enjoyment…AND I WANT TO ENJOY MY FOOD! “Clean” or not.

I know I said I was going to share videos of my training this week, but my camera didn’t have enough available storage. I transferred and saved everything, so next week I’ll record and share 🙂

I am definitely excited about our new home gym. It will be easier to check my ego and tweak my form at home…no pressure or desire to show off in front of anyone. Also, saving gas is a plus…and I can just roll out of bed and hit the weights?! Awesome!

Also, I would like to share this yummy cheesecake recipe…go head…live a little 😉



2 (8oz) packages of cream cheese, softened

3/4 cup sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 tablespoons of cornstarch

1 cup sour cream

1-1/2 cup crushed graham crackers

6 tablespoons melted butter

1/4 cup sugar


-Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mis graham cracker crumbs, melted butter and 1-4 cup sugar together. Press mixture onto bottom of 9in springform pan. Place in freezer for 10 minutes.

-Cream 3/4 cup sugar and cream cheese until smooth. Beat in eggs, vanilla and cornstarch until just mixed. Stir in sour cream until blended. Pour into prepared crust.

-Bake for 45 minutes. Turn off oven and leave in oven with door ajar for 3 hours. refrigerate.

*Note, I burned the bottom of the crust (but easily scrapes off) and a little on the top of the crust. I suggest adding a little more butter into the crust and spraying the bottom of the pan.

Let me know how you like it!

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Patience Is A Virtue

Today, we have an “instant” of virtually everything. We have instant coffee. Drive-thrus. Microwavable meals.TV on demand. All the information you need right on the internet. The lists go on. Most things we want or want to know is very accessible and quick.

That’s a problem.

We’re so use to everything being so easy and handed to us. When it comes to training, we expect the same thing. We expect to get the results with one training session. I have this problem. I swear after session, I’m looking in the mirror to see my results. Do I see more muscles? Is my waist smaller? How much do I weigh now? Sometimes it gets me depressed. But there are a set a numbers that gets me through the week: my training numbers. All I have to do to see real progress is look in my training log. Did I manage to do another rep this week? Did I put more weight in the bar? Did I tweak my forms in my push ups? This right here is what motivates me to hit the weights the next week.

What else motivates me? My goals. My PR is to Squat and deadlift 200 lbs. I want to bench press 100lbs also. I will get there!

What else motivates me? These:

I mean, how AWESOME would it be to do these things?! I already feel cool doing what I do now…but I am looking forward to much, much more. I’m ready to be strong AND hot and to prove to the world you can be both.

But, I have to take it one day at a time. One session at a time. I have to be patience with myself. That’s key. Though there are a million ads screaming at me that this magical pill and diet can make me lose 60 pounds in 30 days, I have to stay focus. Though there are dozens of women running 6 hours a day everyday to lose pounds, I have to stay focus. Though there are plenty of people telling me lifting heavy is not they way to go, I WILL STAY FOCUS. Sure my progress may not be as fast as I would like it (especially compared to all these infomercials and friends) but at least I’m happy. At least this will be a long-term thing.

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Rant and Training

Welp, today wraps up another training session. Like I said before, last week really showed me I was selling myself short. So, when I went into the gym today, I approached the weights like I was willing to pick up every single plate and dominate them…all at once! I added weight to the bar…added reps…tweeked my form to perfection…everything I could to make sure my body was really being tested. I can’t wait to get back next week! Though next week is my “deload” phase, I will still be adding weights (just lowering my sets). I am soooo tempted to test my max next week too…but I don’t want to interfere with anything. I know deloading is important…so I’ll just be patient.

Last week, I started going to the gym at night. At night, there is barely any people in the weight room. I love that. I don’t have to worry about waiting for the squat rack or someone asking me how many more sets I have left. I don’t have to worry about hearing someone grunt and moan on every rep during every set. In fact…I feel like the whole room is mine. And the people who are there gives me an audience 🙂 Sure, when the weight is on my back or I’m pushing it over my head, I am so focused on it, the world around me disappears. But…it’s also pretty cool knowing I am the only girl in the weight room…Sure I may be pushing around as much weight as the guys, but my form is way better and fuller than theirs. Every single one of them. At the end of the day, they are my competition. And it helps to “prove” something in front of them. I love it.

That being said, I am happy to say that next Friday, I will have my own home gym. It will be the bare minimum including a squat rack, bench and weights. That’s it. And that’s all I need. Well…I would like to keep working on my pull ups…so I’ll be visiting a park to do them on monkey bars…hey, whatever gets the job done 🙂

I also want to talk about my little victory today:

Every time I see a guy squat or bench press, they use 45lb plates. They look huge and intimidating…and just pure awesome! I use to envy them…always thinking to myself, “Damn, I can’t wait until I can use 45lb plates!” Well it dawned on me today that I can use them for my deadlifts! I know…AWESOME! I felt so cool! I can’t wait to add another set of 45lbs either! But I really can’t wait to use them for my squats! I have about 15lbs more to go before I can do that. I know when I can use those, my confidence and attitude will explode through the roof! Bring it on, baby!

Let me also rant about some of the guys that go to the gym and “lift weights.” Why is it that all they do is come and bench press? Over and over again…as if they have no limit is sets? What about other upper body exercises like push ups and chin ups? Forget that…what about YOUR LOWER BODY? Ever wondered why your upper body was so huge but your legs were sticks? That doesn’t look cute…at all. Do some freaking squats. And the ones that do squats, why don’t they ever go all the way down? At least do a 90 degree squat! Sure, you have 250lbs on your back…but you’re only doing a quarter of a squat! If you would check your ego, decrease your weight and make sure your form is right, you would become way stronger! I haven’t been lifting very long and I even know that! I can’t wait to get my weight up and show these boys up! AND WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE DEADLIFTING?! I’ll stop….

Rant over…

So, in short, I was very pleased with my session today. I went hard. That’s all that needs to be said. I am so looking forward to next week!

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What is Intensity?

So, last Friday, I had a wake up call. For two months now, I have not been training at the intensity level I should have been training at. All this time, I thought that I had been busting my butt off. Well, I was wrong.

As always, I went to the squat rack, thinking I was going to add only 10 more pounds to the bar bell. Well, because I was so wrapped up into my music, I accidentally put 20 more pounds onto the bar bell. This showed me two things:

1.) I am more capable of what I thought I was. Though first thought to myself, “This 10 pounds sure is heavy,” I did it. Sure…I didn’t think I was going to come back up on the last rep, but I did (even if it took me about 10 seconds). It made me feel really good.

2.)All this time, I just been playing around in the gym. I felt like I had pretty much just wasted those 3 months.

Well, I guess the good news is that I have my form and technique down…so now that I am revving up my intensity levels, my form is like second nature to me (though I will ALWAYS keep form and technique in mind…it is very important). So, though I feel like a complete idiot, there are some good things that came out of these three months.

My next PR is to squat and deadlift my BW (I am on my way with the deadlifts…10 more pounds to go…I have ways to go with my squat). Once a month, the last week, I will post a video of me doing my heavy lifts.Next week will be the first set of videos. Hopefully we see some sort of progress 🙂

Just so you know, my training involves front/back squats,snatch grip/sumo deadlifts, pull ups, push ups, bench press and standing presses; two days of HITs and 2 days of riding bike. (I do two-a-days…and I train a total of 5 days…with the weekends OFF)


I am looking forward to getting stronger. I also am looking forward to showing people that women CAN be strong AND hot.

Oh, btw, I SO WANT TO GET STRONG WITH HANG POWER CLEANS! They look totally awesome! But, for now, I’m going to work on the simple suff! 🙂

Here’s some motivation for you:

That little woman can move some weight!

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